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The Replicator - The power to systematize your organization without changing systems

Systems rarely do everything you require. They may not be talking to each other or not adhering to new business rules you wish to implement. Changing systems is a poor solution not only because of the heavy cost involved but particularly because systems are built on the business logic applicable at the time of their installation and no system can be future proof. Before long, you will face the same problem.

The Replicator can ensure that your systems are always current because it allows you to implement whatever business logic you wish to apply directly to where the data is held without the need to change or re-programme your systems. It allows your system(s) to continue with normal operations, captures whatever events you specify and takes whatever action(s) you specify, all in the background.

The Replicator is a SQL Server Transaction Log Reader and Implementer. It is fully configurable and has no overhead on SQL Server performance. It is both SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server 2005 compatible.

On line demonstrations and evaluation copies are available. We can also undertake to advise on how DexPro can be applied as a database marketing management solution to your specific circumstances.

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