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tation Manager

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tion Server



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Subject to our Standard Trading Terms and Conditions - E & O.E
Fees per month excluding VAT $
Single User 175 285 200
3-User 425 695 490
5-User 625 1,000 720
10-User 875 1,425 1,000
Other Requirements Contact Contact Contact
  • Fees shown are per month and are charged annually in advance
  • Fees include Software Assurance & Support (SAS)
  • SAS includes technical support, service releases and new versions.
  • For EU VAT registered customers VAT is not chargeable if a valid VAT number is provided
  • DexPro is designed to minimise the overall cost of ownership. Installation, configuration and user training should not be required in most circumstances and our support facilities include all reasonable assistance by email, telephone or remote access.
  • Chargeable technical support and training may be provided on location if required.
  • Fees are calculated at exchange rates prevailing on 16/05/2011 and are subject to change.
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