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When the Fundraising Division of the British Heart Foundation (BHF) asked us to provide a single combined view of supporter history from disparate data spread across numerous databases we had several options of how to do it.
The simplest way was to combine and de-duplicate data snapshots. The BHF, however, wanted deduplication to be a permanent feature of the new system.
The simplest way was to combine and de-duplicate data snapshots. But that would need to be done every time the data was brought together and the BHF wanted a permanent link between master records, deautomatic updates and instant availability of the Single Contact View and data extractions from across all databases.
The ideal solution for the BHF, as the table below shows, was database linking:
Data Snap-shots
New Application
Link existing databases
Permanent master record de-duplication and updating
No business interruption
Immediate availability and low cost
This was the birth of the Central Information Management System ( Database Link Server ) at the BHF, which so far, has brought together 8 databases to operate seamlessly as one.
We began by recommending and undertaking the repatriation of an externally maintained database. The cost savings from this exercise alone financed the whole project in the first two years and is now a contributor to net revenues. The savings also allowed the BHF to set-up a Data Management team, which provides data analysis on demand. Increased revenues from processing efficiencies such as Gift Aid claims alone largely absorb the cost of the team.
With the centralisation of its fundraising data the BHF can now successfully pursue the supporter journey, which is at the core of its fundraising strategy.
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