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Recognizing the importance of data management in improving Fundraising income and retention of supporters, MSF Holland, asked Single Click Solutions to help with the recruitment of a new Data Manager.


Following an intensive recruitment process, Anton Hendriks was appointed and is now managing the data strategy of the organisation.



We develop unique, low cost and highly sophisticated software for the volume data management sector. Our aim is to help the sector maximize its ROI and achieve and maintain the highest standards of efficiency.


British Heart Foundation get real-time database link from Single Click Solutions as the main vehicle in their Fundraising Strategy.



Remote Data Mirroring and Replication

Implementing Remote Data Mirroring and Replication for Disaster Tolerance

In today's world of corporate enterprises, security and storage of data plays a vital role. The amount of data at risk and the expenditure to restore that data emphasizes the need for an efficient data protection solution that guarantees continuation of business operations and uninterrupted access to data. Hence, implementing remote data mirroring and replication software for disaster tolerance is the foremost step towards a comprehensive and efficient disaster recovery plan. By integrating data replication and remote data mirroring applications, a comprehensive data protection solution must be implemented.

Overview of Remote Data Mirroring and Replication

  • Remote Data Mirroring: The process of mirroring involves replication of data between a primary storage system and a remote secondary storage system. In case of data loss, the data is restored and recovered seamlessly at the mirrored site.

    View SMM - Single Master Mirroring
  • Data Replication: Data Replication is a process in which data is replicated from the primary database to one or more similar database periodically. Data Replication software can also replicate data to any Internet enabled location across the globe.

    View MMM - Multiple Master Mirroring

Remote Data Mirroring and Replication Solutions by Single Click Solutions

Single Click Solutions’ remote data mirroring and replication software suite is the most powerful data protection solutions available for disaster retrieval and business continuity. Our software solutions protect data from server or system failure, enabling fast recovery of important application files and servers.

Listed below are the remote data mirroring and replication software offered by Single Click Solutions

  • REPLICATOR - Business Rule Implementation
  • SMM - Single Master Mirroring
  • MMM - Multiple Master Mirroring


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